Ewan McGregor recounts the day he put on Obi-Wan Kenobi’s tunic, 18 years later!

Ewan McGrego Obi-Wan Kenobi
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“I walked into the dressing rooms and there was this Obi-Wan costume that was there, a tunic that The Mandalorian’s costume department had prepared on purpose…”

18 years passed between the filming of Episode III and that of the series Star Wars: Kenobi. Two decades away from the character of Obi-Wan, for Ewan McGregorwho remembers the day in 2020 when he put on his Jedi outfit for the first time:

“I was involved in the casting process, with Deb (Deborah Chow, the director) and we wanted to do some screen tests, for certain roles. That was the first thing I did as Obi-Wan since 2003 !” said the Scottish actor during the international press conference held last week. “So, I arrived on the set of The Mandalorian, which we had borrowed on a Sunday, for the purposes of these tests. I walked into the dressing rooms and there was some kind of Obi-Wan-style costume hanging there in the wardrobe, a tunic that The Mandalorian’s costume department had prepared on purpose. I must admit that it was really crazy as a feeling, to do it again after all this time.

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Ewan McGregor continues and remembers entering the set where a few members of the technical team were standing, “fans of Star Wars also… So there was a kind of rustle, a buzz, accompanying the character’s sudden return to the stage…”

In the aftermath, we had to get back into the swing of things, and that’s where things got complicated:

We had to redo scenes with other actors, and then I started doing a sort of vague English accent. It wasn’t the right voice at all. I was like, ‘Oh my God, that’s not very good!’ Luckily we had months before we started shooting to prepare and so I did my homework with Alec Guinness again, which I had done before for the prequel, rewatching the early films. In the end, I felt like he had always been there inside me, ready to come out at any moment. Just the voice needed a little work.”

Star Wars: Kenobi launches Friday, May 27 on Disney+.

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