Excluded – Keanu Reeves: “Romance is at the center of Matrix Resurrections”

In Paris for the filming of John Wick 4, the actor tells us about his return to the matrix.

18 years after the last film, which was supposed to close the story, Keanu reeves has plunged back into the matrix for Lana Wachowski, who is directing this new feature film on her own, entitled Matrix Resurrections. In this extract from our file to find on the cover the new number of First (n ° 524, December 2021), the mythical interpreter of Neo lifts the veil on this still very mysterious project (the synopsis has still not been revealed!) which will land in French theaters on December 22nd.

Excluded – Lana Wachowski: “There was no question of going back into the Matrix to go back”

Matrix Resurrections seems to want to move away from the aesthetic of the first three films. The style is different, the lighting too … How would you define it?

I would be hard pressed to define it. You talk about new lighting, and it’s seen: Lana turns in a completely different way. The light is really new. The film is linked to the first three, but it is an original work. It has its own story, its particular look.

A bit like the Matrix, as Morpheus explained in the first film. You cannot define it in words: you have to see it with your own eyes.

Yes, said like that, it’s great. I buy! And then, at the center of the film, there is romance. You will see…

Ah good ? Romance is an important aspect of this new film?

Oh yes. It is very, very important. In film as in life: that’s what we are. The way we want to be treated, the feelings we have, the way we behave towards each other …

It was also the idea at the heart of Sense8.

Absolutely. But this is not a naive idea. Even in the first Matrix, Trinity [Carrie-Anne Moss] knows more than Neo on this subject. Ah, romance, love, intellectuality … (In French.)

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