Excluded – Lana Wachowski: “There was no question of going back into the Matrix to go back”

Excluded - Lana Wachowski: "There was no question of going back into the Matrix to go back"
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The director tells us why she wanted to find this universe again, 22 years after The Matrix.

Keanu reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss, aka Neo and Trinity, are on the cover the new number of First (n ° 524, December 2021). The actors tell about their return to the Matrix, just like the director. Lana wachowski. This time, she is alone in control (her sister Lilly did not want to participate in Resurrections). To wait until the cinema release of this event film, on December 22, here is an excerpt from this exclusive meeting.

FIRST: To return to the Matrix, it was inevitably to be confronted with the fact that the future which you had prophesied has come about. What effect did it have on you?
To be honest, not much. Originally, Lilly and I decided to leave Matrix behind us. The trilogy was complete and we particularly liked its very simple, very elegant architecture, designed according to a dialectical model. We were very proud of this ending, which works like a coda and gives a symphonic aspect to the whole. Therefore, one of the first rules I set for myself Matrix Resurrectionsis that there was no question of going back into the Matrix to go back. In the first trilogy, our gaze was forward-looking. We understood that computers and the virtual were going to become more and more important. So I didn’t see the point in coming back to stirring up the same ideas twenty years later! When I started to think about this new story, I projected myself into the next twenty years. These are the themes of identity, of the border, of otherness that I have chosen to address. Where does the world of man end? Where does the reign of machines begin? These questions seem to me more relevant to tell our time. Resurrections will act as a skeptical and prospective investigation into the nature of our reality. Basically, this is the funniest thing about the Matrix: it allows us to speculate on our near future. This is what turns people on!

Summary of Premiere n ° 524: Matrix 4, L’Evénement, The Witcher, Ghostbusters: the legacy …

Here is the trailer for Matrix Resurrections :

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