Exhausted, Valérie Lemercier faints on stage

Cannes 2021: Valérie Lemercier on the red carpet of Aline, her "right wrong" Celine Dion biopic

His family reassures us: it is a stroke of fatigue.

Recently awarded the César for Best Actress for Aline, Valerie Lemercier fainted on the stage of the Antoine theater, while she was performing the play The Beloved Sisters, reveals The Parisian.

Spectators, who at first believed in an incident of the play, quickly understood the reality when they saw Isabelle Gelinas, to whom she gave the reply, ask in panic to close the curtain. The firefighters, who arrived shortly after the event, confirmed that it was not a serious illness and did not transport her to the hospital. Her entourage confirms to the newspaper that the 58-year-old actress is doing well: “She’s just very tired”.

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