Expendables 2: Van Damme is extraordinary as the villain (review)

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Sylvester Stallone and his pals return to television tonight.

France 3 continues its cycle Expendables by rebroadcasting number 2. This sequel especially marked the writing ofe First for the arrival of Jean Claude Van Damme, which was stealing the show from everyone. Here’s our review, published when it hit theaters in August 2012.

The Expendables: Why Première loved Stallone’s film

“Do we take the same ones and start over? This is the principle of this Expendables 2 which puts the washed-up mercenaries of the 80s back in the saddle and on stage. Except that it’s no longer Sly who films his steroid buddies getting fucked in the face , but Simon West, a jobber to whom we owe The Gunslinger and the first Tomb Raider. Same thing will say the most cynical. Not quite, we will answer them in detail. Where, behind the gusts of AK, Sly continued the melancholic reappropriation of his own legend (after John Rambo and Rocky Balboa), West is content to pile up the corpses, casings and grotesque dialogues. The Expendables 2 is no longer a mythological rereading, but a 10s update of the Z films It works sometimes (the first shooting scene, ultra enjoyable and gory) but it gets stuck most often (the scene in the airport where all the hypertrophied freaks of the 80’s come to throw their identity punchline). by Van Damme – extraordinary in the role of the villain – and his fight scene with Stallone as well as a beautiful choreography of Statham as a warrior monk. Enough to make us forget how overwhelming Chuck Norris (big promise of this episode) is….”

The Expendables 2: Stallone made the show during the press conference

Trailer ofExpendables 2 :

Jean-Claude Van Damme: “Stallone, he has eyes in his buttocks”

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