Experts back: Where did Catherine Willow go? Video response

Sara Experts

We discover what becomes of the old characters of CSI: Las Vegas. And they’re not all in great shape.

The experts will soon take over Las Vegas. Sara Sidle will notably be back at the head of the bill, and we can already find her in an unpublished extract of the first episode of the revival, facing her former boss Jim Brass. They will make up for lost time and obviously they have things to say to each other …

Indeed, Brass (Paul Guilfoyle) suffers from Fuchs corneal disease. He becomes blind. And best of all, he was the target of a death threat. Sara (Jorja Fox) hallucinates and in turn explains why she came back alone to help her. Where are his former colleagues from CSI ? Catherine Willow (played on the historic Marg Helgenberger) is not here, because she is in Dublin, Ireland, playing granny with her grandson. Meanwhile, Gil Grissom (William Petersen) is on his boat collecting jellyfish …

He will still come back to earth and to Las Vegas, too, for this return of the Experts, because decades of corruption within the city’s criminal lab will call into question all the cases they have handled over the past twenty years!

The former head of Experts will therefore resume service to wash his honor and that of the service, in the grip of big problems. Maxine Roby (Paula Newsome), the new boss of the forensic team must fight to save the reputation of the department before thousands of criminals are released …

CSI: Vegas will debut on October 6 in the USA.

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