Explosive trailer for the new Netflix action movie: Interceptor

Elsa Pataky defends a missile defense base and confronts terrorists to save the United States!

In the new Netflix action movie interceptor, Elsa Pataky (Fast and Furious 5) plays a US Army fighter: Lt. JJ Collins. As 16 nuclear missiles are launched at the United States, a violent coordinated attack simultaneously threatens its remote missile interception post. The film will be available on the platform from June 3.

The trailer right here:

Experienced in production, Matthew Reilly is making his very first film here. He is notably the producer of Bullies (2012) and man alive (2017). The writer of The Six Sacred Stones changes medium and releases a feature film, for a story with as much action as ever.

Alongside Pataky, we find Luke Bracey (Lucky Day), Aaron Glenane (Killing Ground), Mayen Mehta (Lovebirds), Paul Caesar (The Square), Belinda Jombwe (Dead Lucky) and Marcus Johnson (Spartacus: the blood of gladiators). The film is produced by Chris Hemsworthwho continues his collaboration with Netflix after starring in Extraction 1 and 2.

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