Explosive Vacation for The Addams Family 2: A Hell of a Ride (Trailer)

The Addams family are visiting America and are planning on enjoying their vacation in “Hell’s Spree”, the sequel to the first animated film released in 2019.

Morticia, Gomez, Mercredi and Pugsley Addams return to theaters with sequel to first animated film The Addams Family, where they go this time on vacation to A hellish trip, whose trailer has been unveiled.

In this second installment, Mercredi and Pugsley seem more distant than ever from their family, surely because the teenage crisis spares no one and especially the Addams children. To try to pick up the pieces with their offspring, Morticia and Gomez decide to organize a family trip that will soon take on the appearance of disaster, the Addams family obliges. So here is the whole awful family, on their way to the most touristic spots in the United States, for better and especially for worse. Of course, Uncle Fétide and cousin Machin are there!

The Addams Family 2: A Hell of a Ride, directed by Greg Tiernan and Conrad Vernon, in theaters October 13. The teaser:

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