Ezra Miller, star of The Flash, could soon be replaced by Warner Bros.

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The actor multiplies violent and inappropriate behavior, which puts the studio in trouble for the future of the DCEU.

As explained recently David Zaslav, CEO of Warner Bros. discovery, the DCverse aims to grow on the scale of its competitor: the huge MCU. A convincing first step could have been The Flash : a budget of 200 million dollars, Andy Muschietti to the realization (That) and the return of Michael Keaton and Well Affleck in Batman. But that’s without counting on the main actor of the film, ezra Miller. The actor is making headlines right now, and it’s unfortunately not for good news.

Ezra Miller Arrested Again in Hawaii After Injuring Woman

Last March, Miller was arrested in Hawaii for altercation at a karaoke and then assault after throwing a chair in a woman’s face. He also allegedly threatened a couple with whom he was staying in a hostel. “bury them” and allegedly stole one of their passports. In April 2020, a video already showed the interpreter of We Need To Talk About Kevin strangling a fan and throwing her to the ground, as it recalls TMZ. Lately, Tokata Iron Eye’s parents filed for a protective order against Miller for their daughter, whom he allegedly brainwashed. On the documents, it is written: Ezra uses violence, intimidation, fear, threats and drugs to influence teenage Tokata”. The two reportedly met when the young Sioux was 12 and he was 23. Tokata’s parents claim the actor is a very bad influence on their 18-year-old child, whom he introduced to alcohol and drugs .

Ezra Miller accused of manipulating a young girl: her parents seek a protective order from the courts

According Deadline, Zaslav, who has just arrived at the head of the studio, has several choices to handle the Miller case, a case for which the stack of scandals continues to grow. It could restrict the intensive promotion that should take place in 2023 to reduce it to a few promotional activities, without publicity tour; or replace ezra Miller by another actor if things don’t work out. This second option had already been executed for Johnny Deppwhich was replaced by mads Mikkelsen in Fantastic Beasts 3. One of the media’s studio sources explains: ” There is no winner in this case for Warner Bros. It’s a problem that Zaslay inherited. The only hope that remains is that the scandal does not explode before the release of the film”. According to the sources, while no other allegations surface, Warner likely won’t be keeping Miller for future DC films. This probably means that a new Flash will appear in the future? The film which should be released on June 23, 2023 still represents an investment of 200 million dollars, so it seems complicated to further bail out its budget to hire a new actor and return the scenes ofEzra Miller, who is present in almost every shot as the hero of this blockbuster. A puzzle for the firm, which recently showed a first version of the film in a test session, and received very positive first opinions.

What to do with The Flash and Ezra Miller? Warner Bros. is in a dilemma

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