Falling in Love / Mysteries and metamorphoses: Arte pays tribute to Meryl Streep this Sunday

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Falling in Love / Mysteries and metamorphoses: Arte pays tribute to Meryl Streep this Sunday

This romantic film with Robert de Niro will be followed by a documentary on the actress.

Sunday, Arte devotes his evening to Meryl Streep, the actress at the three Oscars (for Kramer vs. Kramer, in 1980, Sophie’s Choice, in 1983, and Iron Woman, in 2012), who just turned 72.

Falling in Love

The channel will first offer Falling in Love, a remake of Brief meeting, by David Lean, where she falls for Robert de Niro. While doing their Christmas shopping, their characters mistakenly interchange their gifts, which they intended for their respective spouses. An incident that will turn their lives upside down … Released in 1984 at the cinema, this film by Ulu Grosbard marks the reunion between the two actors, who already shared the poster of Journey to the end of hell, by Michael Cimino, a film that Meryl Streep asked to participate in to stay by the side of his companion, actor John Cazale, who was seriously ill and died shortly after it was filmed.

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This is one of the many anecdotes mentioned in the documentary that will follow the film, at 10:45 p.m. In Meryl Streep: Mysteries and Metamorphoses, initially broadcast in 2020 and available on Arte.tv until August 3, Charles-Antoine de Rouvre retraces the extraordinary journey of the actress, who began on the stage, first experiencing great success in New York theaters before taking an interest in cinema, and to shine in Hollywood thanks to demanding roles: a depressed mother in Kramer vs. Kramer, a woman in love in On the road to Madison, by Clint Eastwood, a victim of the concentration camps in Sophie’s Choice, by Alan J. Pakula, writer Karen Blixen in Out of Africa, a whistleblower in The Sylkwood Mystery, a fashion star in The devil wears Prada… In 45 years of career, she knew how to transform in each of her roles and multiplied the distinctions. Convincing in particular very regularly the voters of the Oscars, his career is marked by the prestigious prizes. Hence this image of an actress “perfect”, unrivaled in Hollywood, which sticks to her skin, and which she does not seem fooled. “I have everything I could dream of”, she reacts by receiving the statuette of the best actress for Iron Woman, the Margaret Thatcher biopic directed by Stephen Frears, in 2012. “Let’s leave some to the others”, she adds with a smile, before the documentary highlights that despite all the spotlight on her during her career, she has managed to protect her privacy.

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