Family Business, season 3: the funniest to the end (review)

Family Business, season 3

For their farewell on Netflix, Jonathan Cohen and his family made us cry with laughter.

The Hazans have never soared so high! Launched two years ago on Netflix, Family Business ends this Friday with season 3, the last chapter of this mock French parody of breaking Bad version Jonathan cohen. Six episodes to conclude, which go much further into anything. Six episodes really funnier than the previous ones.

The whole plot where almost takes place in a monastery, lost in the pampas. It is about a HQ of traffickers, where Gérard, Joseph, Olivier, Aure and Ludmila are held prisoners, after being kidnapped (at the end of season 2). It is Gérard’s new girlfriend, Catherine, who trapped the whole family. Her name is actually Penelope Cavillan and turns out to be a drug addict, dealing with numerous cartels. She will therefore kidnap the Hazan, to force them to make Pastraweed destined for a drug lord Colombian…

With this season 3, Family Business goes into closed-door mode and finally blossoms. For the first time since its launch, the seriesIgor gotesman stop taking himself seriously and it looks so much better on him. While season 2 had just shifted into a plot that was too dark, too violent, under the influence of the too dramatic Jaurès, season 3 lightened the atmosphere. The jokes are heard. Humor is present in all the scenes. Villains are more cartoonish than anything else. At last, Family Business fully assumes its natural absurdity.

We obviously have the right to judge the cocks that hang down and the slightly heavy scato gags. To find the family twists a bit huge. But on arrival, what are we laughing at! Who really cares whether Joseph Hazan will end up becoming Heisenberg? We laugh and we have a smile on our face, episode after episode, during the three hours that this conclusion lasts. Louise Coldefy in fact crates in the delusional excesses of Clémentine and Jonathan cohen switch to mode full Serge the Mytho. Family Business is finally funny. Really funny.

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