Family celebration: Wet firecrackers [Critique]

Cédric Kahn tries to dynamite the French family film from the inside but sinks into the cliché he wanted to avoid.

Family party, in theaters on September 4, 2019, arrives on television this Sunday, on France 2. Unfortunately, this drama by Cédric Kahn, the director of Wild life and Prayerhad disappointed the editors of First, at its output. Here is our review.

The Prayer: an exciting film by Cédric Kahn not to be missed

The family country house is a cliché of French cinema. At the heart of the holidays, a bourgeois family loves and tears itself apart during a cathartic climax so predictable that the spectator waits with half-closed eyes for the plates to fly between the eldest banker and the intermittent youngest of the show. Before that, we will have had the arrival, the installation and the little treats as appetizers. Cédric Kahn puts his feet in the dish here and intends to dynamite from the inside the exercise Dogma way Festen period. The neat staging soon gives way to an impure image supposed to translate the violence that insinuates itself within this family, which is more twisted than it seems: an outdated mother, a patriarch who is not one and children who do not agree. Why not, you still have to know how to dose and have something to say or show. But on this ground, it is the Gobi desert in the open countryside. Deneuve deneuve, Macaigne macaigne and Bercot bercotte. It is the latter who is the most exposed, playing the betrayed and borderline sister who has no choice but to hysterize her emotions in order to be heard. In the last part, Kahn suddenly uses a vaguely mental staging suggesting the discomfort of the unfortunate. Bercot will still receive blows until the epilogue, as a way of finishing off the beast. Why this martyrdom? This sadism does not produce anything transcendent, everything breathes scriptwriting compromises and the cumbersome shadow of Pialat dissipates as soon as the first clearing comes… Family defeat.

Cédric Kahn: “it was unexpected to do the actor”

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