Family Guy: Stewie Griffin Gets Hair Cut In Season 20 Long Trailer

Family Guy: Stewie Griffin

The new episodes were unveiled in great width during Comic-Con this weekend.

Taking advantage of his presence at [email protected], the animated series Family Guy unveiled an extensive trailer for the upcoming 20th season. A very long 5 minute trailer, which actually consists of several small clips from the new episodes. We notably see Stewie going to the hairdresser for the first time. And obviously, it’s horrible!

We also see Peter passing his son Chris on the grill, he who is “born on the freeway because that’s where most accidents happen “. But also Chris buys a gun without any problem, Peter becomes Quahog’s very first ninja cop, the Griffin family opens a hotel, Stewie finds young boys for Kevin Spacey etc … Griffin will be on view this fall.

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