Family weekend: is a season 2 in sight?

Family weekend

Eric Judor talks to us about the rest of the series, which he would like to continue…

Launched this week on Disney +, the first French creation of the platform has everything to settle over time. Like many family comedies, Family weekend has the potential to return and explore the different dynamics of this vast family, over several seasons. Do not do this, do not do that, for example, lasted an entire decade.

So Eric Judor is he ready to re-enlist, and come back for a season 2 of Family weekend ?

“Pull the series a few more seasons, why not…”, responds to Première the one who plays Fred, tribal chief overwhelmed by his three daughters, his ex-wives, and his new fiancée from Canada. Eric Judor does not plan, that said, to stay for many years in the skin of the character. “No. I have too many things to do, he confides with a smile, before recalling that “whether with H, Ratz or Platane, all the series I’ve done are 3 or 4 seasons, max! Then we go around in circles. The characters get boring.”

Eric Judor in Week-end Family: “I needed time to adapt” [exclu]

And then he points out that the concept of Family weekend has an expiration date in itself: “The kids are going to grow up so inevitably it won’t do it anymore (laughs) “Kids, go to bed!” – “But dad, I’m 23!” It’s clear that this kind of series creates serious limits …”

Until then, we understand that a season 2 of Family weekend is entirely possible. All that remains is for Disney to order it.

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