Fantastic Beasts 3: 5 takeaways from the Secrets of Dumbledore trailer

“If you strain your ears, you will hear … the whispered past …”

The trailer for Secrets of Dumbledore just fell, and those nostalgic for Harry potter can find there with pleasure the universe of Hogwarts. But also new elements, this sequel being supposed to link the two stories of the “Wizarding World” by JK Rowling : Fantastic Beasts and Harry potter. Here are a few stops on images, theories and thoughts on this sequel while waiting for its theatrical release on April 13th. Please note, this article is reserved for readers who have seen all the episodes of the saga, some questions being based on elements of the plots of the previous films, in particular what was revealed at the end of the saga. Crimes of Grindelwald (2018).

5 questions about the ending of Fantastic Beasts 2

The secrets of Dumbledore?

What if the subtitle “Secrets of Dumbledore” did not mean only those of Albus, but also those of Aberforth and Aurelius? The director of Hogwarts is obviously at the heart of this trailer: he opens the video, in the guise of Michael Gambon, as in the last films Harry potter, then we see him played by Jude Law throughout the video, trying to stop Gellert Grindelwald, now played by Mads Mikkelsen. He is alternately worried (how will he break the blood oath made with Grindelwald in his youth, materialized by a jewel?) And joyful, offering for example with humor “three points to Hufflepuff” (a good joke after all those movies to spoil the students of Gryffindor!). We understand that he will need the help of his brother Aberforth (now played by Richard Coyle, who succeeds Ciaran Hinds in the role) to stop his opponent: they are all about saving the world. We also see another character from his family: Aurelius Dumbledore, who we discovered under the name of Creedance before the great revelation of Crimes of Grindelwald. If he is not very present in the video, he nevertheless seems to have more and more power, and he will directly face Albus. His new very dark look is also somewhat reminiscent of Severus Snape, another particularly tormented character from the Harry Potter saga.

Fantastic Beasts 3: Dumbledore's Secrets?
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A story of family (s) (of brothers, especially?)

After this twist, we suspected that the sequel would highlight the Dumbledore brothers (note that their sister Ariana should also be at the heart of the film, given how little we know about her since The Deathly Hallows), but here there are also two other important brothers: Norbert and Thésée Dragonneau, played respectively by Eddie Redmayne and Callum Turner. Already present in the previous film, this one seems to take up more space, since it presents some characters on board a train (“a wizard descended from a very old family, a teacher …”), and accompanies the magizoologist to Hogwarts. He is also at his side when he tries to escape some sort of crab. The opportunity to once again show their rivalry.
This theme was already covered a little in Harry Potter, for example via Ron’s large family, but it did not directly concern the orphaned hero. The sibling theme looks a lot more developed by JK Rowling and Steve Kloves here.

Regarding the initial hero and his love of fantastic animals, which gave the trilogy its title, so far we see few magical creatures: an eagle, a species of pterodactyl (or would it be one of the forms of the Phoenix?) and what looks like a giant scorpion tail, as well as the faithful Botruc, who accompanies Norbert on his adventures. No doubt other fantastic animals will be teased later, but for now, they seem very secondary.

Fantastic Beasts 3: It will be a story of family (s) (brothers, especially)
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Jacob, the trustworthy Muggle, is in danger

Since the first part of Fantastic animals, released in theaters in 2016, Jacob is taking up more and more screen space. The Muggle played by Dan Fogler (then called No-Majs) is in a relationship with Queenie (Alison Sudol), but he can no longer live as a peaceful baker, embarked on the rescue of the world by Norbert and his wizard friends. New to Hogwarts, he is seen here in possession of a magic wand, which is certainly the most intriguing element of this trailer: why is Albus Dumbledore giving him such a gift? And why doesn’t he give it straight away? How is he going to be able to use it if he’s not a wizard? Dumbledore often made these kinds of schemes in Harry potter, and we will certainly understand the why and how once in front of the big screen. In any case, Jacob is obviously in great danger. His relationship with Queenie seems particularly unstable, and Grindelwald’s words at the end of the video threaten all Muggles …

Fantastic Beasts 3: Jacob, a trustworthy Muggle ... but in danger!
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New magical places

If the Hogwarts school is present in this montage, with its Great Hall and its Hall on demand (called here “the room we requested”), we also see some new places. In particular an exterior decor with steps evoking the Great Wall of China. If it is this place (otherwise one of the Wonders of the World) that it is about, it will certainly be interesting to discover another magical culture, and it also suggests that the threat of Grindelwald hangs over the world. whole, not only on Europe (at the heart of the second film) or the United States (Fantastic Beasts took place in New York). The mountains seem to be the same as at the end of the Crimes of Grindelwald, where Belief discovered its true identity, and the setting filled with pincer critters is unknown. Finally, is the train where Theseus presents his collaborators the Hogwarts Express? If so, its interiors have changed between this story and that of Harry Potter!

Fantastic Beasts: New Magical Places
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And of course, a new interpreter of Gellert Grindelwald
Mads Mikkelsen arrives in Johnny Depp’s place in this sequel, the star having been fired from the project by Warner Bros. following accusations of domestic violence brought against him by his ex-wife, Amber Heard. The new interpreter of Grindelwald was obviously expected by the Potterheads, and he is present from the first trailer of the film. He is first seen casting a spell on someone (taking away his memories? Attacking his mind?) As Albus explains that “The world we know is falling apart. Grindelwald is decimating it with hatred.”). Then he is particularly unscrupulous, announcing that “our war on muggles begins … today”.

It is not yet clear how the change of actor will be justified in the story, but it should not be too difficult in this magical universe. Especially since the character initially had the appearance of another actor, Colin Farrell (Depp’s face was also the twist of the first opus, the studio having made a big surprise to the public by casting the star of Pirates of the Caribbean). Only one thing is clear here: the character of Grindelwald pursues the same purpose as in the previous film. He wants to divide wizards, terrorize them in order to better rule the world. The tone of this sequel should therefore be as dark and serious as ever, and the political issues addressed in the first two parts of the Fantastic animals will continue to be developed.

Fantastic Beasts: And of course, a new Grindelwald
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