Fantastic Beasts 3: Grindelwald Vs. Dumbledore in the new trailer

Spectacular magical battles are on the way for the next installment of the Harry Potter saga.

After a first trailer in December, which already said a lot, the new trailer for Fantastic Beasts 3 unveiled today unveils new Dumbledore’s Secrets to Harry Potter fans. In fact, we understand from this video that the next installment of the franchise will be largely centered on the duel between Grindelwald, obsessed with the idea of ​​destroying Muggles and their world, and his old friend Albus Dumbledore, who will do everything to stop it. But the sinister sorcerer has many followers behind him, including the very powerful Creed, who risks giving the Hogwarts professor and his former student Norbert a hard time…

To help him in his mission, the good Albus will recruit an army, in which Jacob Kowalski will take his place. The non-mage baker who has become a friend of the mages will even be entitled to his own wand! For worse and for better. We see it in this video: he will have to face his ex, Queenie (Alison Sudol), who has switched to the dark side …

As a bonus, the new trailer shows new wizards, maximum action, spells and promises a great show for JK Rowling fans.

Fantastic Beasts 3 will be released on April 13, 2022 in cinemas in France.

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