Fantastic Beasts 3 lifts the lid on Dumbledore’s first army

“A bit like the one composed by Harry Potter later…”

This is a new video rich in lessons that has just been unveiled by Warner Bros. Fantastic Beasts 3 details a little more, and in particular a major element of the film’s history: Dumbledore’s first army!

We knew the one formed by Harry Potter in the main franchise to fight against Voldemort. Here is now its ancestor, the early 20th century version, built to face Grindelwald. “He has the ability to see the future. So we have to confuse him“, exexplains Norbert Scamander to his comrades in this video. Theseus, Laly, Karma and also Jakob will be the first line of defense around Dumbledore.

“They will come together for this mission. Each of them is on the margins of society. None has really found their place. But they will find a place by being part of this group…”, explains producer David Heyman in the video. We understand that these wizards will be explored individually in the film. But there is something missing: Tina is still not there! Is the heroine of the first two parts, played by Katherine Waterston, completely erased from history? Or is she not part of Dumbledore’s army?

Fantastic Beasts 3 will be released on April 13, 2022 in cinemas in France.

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