Far from the ring road: an effective sequel, to see on Netflix (review)

Ten years later On the other side of the ring road, the Laurent Lafitte-Omar Sy duo is back in action as mismatched and therefore perfectly complementary cops.

In 2012, landed at the cinema the other side of the ring-road, an action comedy built around a duo of cops François Monge – Ousmane Diakité who were opposed by everything, from their origins in Paris vs the suburbs to their methods. A Fatal weapon à la française carried by the complicity of its two interpreters Laurent Lafitte and Omar Sy and whose success in theaters (2.3 million admissions) foreshadowed a sequel. However, it took a long time to see the light of day, no doubt because of the dance cards of its actors, which tended to explode. At the controls, for this new investigation around a sordid crime in a small town in the Alps where racism has a storefront, David Charhon gives way to Louis Leterrier. And the director ofElusive strives with unstoppable efficiency to respect the required specifications: the balance between action and comedy. On the action side, he does it with his energetic staging (which would however have deserved to be purged here and there of repetitive drone shots) and Omar Sy gives of himself with an explosiveness and a gluttony that cross the screen . On the comedy side, Laurent Lafitte gives himself just as much to his heart’s content in a character full of himself, always quick to pull out the valve that he doesn’t need at the worst of times by obviously involving Diakaté / Omar Sy in this little game And in the end, it is by this acid, ironic and politically incorrect humor just what it is necessary that far from the ring road seduces by setting tone and mood frenchy to a universe inevitably dominated by the Anglo-Saxon references of the genre.

Of Louis Leterrier. With: Laurent Lafitte, Omar Sy, Izia Higelin… Duration: 1h59. Available from May 6, 2022

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