Fast and Furious 7 or Paul Walker’s last spree

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Fast and Furious 7 or Paul Walker's last spree

“One Last Ride” read one of the posters of the film, shared by Universal in 2015.

Update of January 10, 2022: TMC is once again devoting its evening to Fast & Furious, by rebroadcasting n ° 7 at 9:15 p.m., then its direct sequel, at 11:40 p.m. The opportunity to return to a key element of his promotion, which marked the fans.

News of February 6, 2015: The new poster of Furious 7 absolutely does not evoke an action film, filled with chases and explosions. Very sober and in black and white, it shows Vin Diesel looking sad and head down. Paul walker stares at him and both wear funeral costumes. Between the two, the hook says: “One last trip”. The whole is quite disturbing because this sentence – also present in the trailer – takes on a whole new meaning following the death of the actor, who died just during a car trip. The new trailer for the blockbuster, dropped yesterday, already echoes this drama: at the beginning of the video, the character of Vin Diesel, Dom, explains that “what matters most in life are those who are here and now”. At this point, we see a plan of Paul walker, smiling, with his friends from the saga. Or rather “his family”, insists the trailer:

I cried in front of Fast & Furious 7 [critique]

The death of Paul walker was a shock for the team of Fast and furious, especially for Vin Diesel, who has continued to post messages and photos dedicated to his friend on social networks. Without questioning the sadness of the actors, one can wonder about the promotion of the film, which uses this drama as a marketing element. Is betting on a two-way film hook that echoes his death, is it really a way of paying homage to him? This tagline does not really make sense in relation to the whole saga, since the adventure Fast and furious will continue on the big screen (three new episodes are planned). She only takes one in relation to the fact that Dom and Brian will not make any more trips after this film, since the interpreter of the latter is no longer of this world. Note also that within the plot, the character of Paul walker will not be killed. His brothers shot additional scenes to offer the hero “a beautiful end”, undoubtedly a retreat with his companion Mia (played by Jordana brewster) and their son. With such a poster, however, we have the impression of being invited to the funeral of Paul walker. It gives off a certain sadness, especially for the spectators who have followed the saga from the beginning …

This is how Fast & Furious 7 was supposed to end before Paul Walker’s death

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