Fast and Furious 9 explodes the US Box Office, signs the best startup since Star Wars IX

$ 70 million in revenue for its launch this weekend across the Atlantic, a score worthy of the pre-pandemic!

There had been some great success since the reopening of American theaters. But this is the first time in months that a film has exploded the US Box Office in this way, regaining pre-pandemic scores. Fast and Furious 9 raked in $ 70 million in revenue during its first weekend of operation across the Atlantic. This is simply the best launch since Star Wars IX, end of 2019.

Already released in other countries for some time (in France, it will be July 14), Fast and Furious 9 has already passed the $ 400 million mark in worldwide revenue! It must be said that the film is number 1 in 45 territories this Monday morning, including Mexico, the United Kingdom and Brazil.

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NBCUniversal is jubilant and reveals that in Mexico, Fast and Furious 9 opened with $ 10.7 million, the highest score for a movie since the pandemic there. Ditto for the United Kingdom and Brazil (with $ 2.6 million).

Fast and Furious 9 also set a record post-COVID opening at the IMAX Box Office, gleaning $ 5.5 million in North America (or $ 30 million internationally).

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