Father Stu: Mark Wahlberg gained a lot of weight to play a boxer turned priest

Father Stu: Mark Wahlberg gains weight to play a boxer turned priest

A project that is particularly close to the heart of the actor, who has gained ten kilos in three weeks.

Update of July 20, 2021: Mark Wahlberg detailed on the set of Tonight Show his high-calorie diet to gain weight quickly on the set of Father Stu, by Rosalind Ross : “For two weeks, I had to devour 7000 calories a day, then 11000 for a fortnight more. Frankly, it was funny for 1 hour … It’s so hard to impose that on yourself. Lose weight, c easier, you eat less and exercise, but take a lot all at once … even when you are full, you have to wake up after a meal to eat again. I ate every three hours . It wasn’t fun. “

News of May 6, 2021: Since a few weeks, Mark Wahlberg posts photos and videos of his physical training for his new film, Father Stu, which he co-produced in addition to playing the main role, that of a boxer who became a priest after having a serious traffic accident. If he is used to muscular roles (Fighter, No Pain No Gain…), this time, he must gain more weight than muscles, and reveals to have gained ten pounds in just three weeks. He will have to take ten more before playing this character in this drama that is particularly close to his heart: “Kenny lost 50 pounds (22.6 kilos) and I gained 20 (just over 9 kilos). I have to do better! Gain another 20 more. Yes, it’s for a role.”

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In March, The Hollywood Reporter announced that Mark Wahlberg would finally turn Father Stu, a true story he’s been trying to adapt for six years now: David O’Russell (who directed it in Kings of the Desert, I love Huckabees and Fighter) was for a time attached to its directing, but it was ultimately Rosalind Ross, Mel Gibson’s partner, who was responsible for writing and directing it. A former horse-riding champion, in the early 2010s she became a producer and screenwriter (Matador, barbarian, Homeward) and this will be her first film as a director. In Father Stu, Mel Gibson will play the hero’s father (a role he has already held in another register, the comedy Very Bad Dad’s 2) and Teresa Ruiz (Narcos: Mexico) will play his girlfriend. Filming is scheduled to take place in Los Angeles.

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