Fear the Walking Dead: what will happen now in season 7?

Fear the Walking Dead season 7

All the answers to the questions you ask yourself after the final.

It’s the apocalypse in a post-apo world! The Season 7 finale of Fear the Walking Dead (broadcast in France on MyCanal) blew everything up. The part of America where Morgan and his team are has been reduced to a field of ruins. And after ? What awaits us from now on in season 7, already in filming, and which will be broadcast in part this fall? Attention spoilers!

THE CONSEQUENCES OF TEDDY BALANCED BOMBS. The world of Fear is it still livable? What is the long-term health impact of the disaster? “That’s a really good question, and what these bombs did is they really reshaped the landscape everyone lives in.“, answer the showruners in EW. “They have reset the counters, in terms of everyone’s survival skills, of how they’re going to live now. We’ll see that different characters will adapt in different ways, to this new world. There are actually ways. to survive in a world like this. It might not be enjoyable, and it might not be fun, but these explosions don’t necessarily mean a death sentence, just new challenges in addition to the zombie apocalypse. “

THE CIVIL REPUBLIC MILITARY WILL HAVE SOME PLACE. Since appearing in season 8 of Walking dead, CRM never ceases to be a mystery. Explored more concretely in World Beyond, we understand in this final that it will hold a more important place in season 7 of Fear the Walking Dead, since Daniel and the others were transported by Isabelle’s helicopter thanks to Althea. “What I can say is that the fact that this helicopter has arrived, that Isabel is helping Al save people who are close to his heart, maybe means that there is a story going on. unfolded in between. But someone from CRM using an organization chopper for such a mission, it could also cause complications for the pilot. CRM will play a role, but we won’t say how much. His presence in the finale will have repercussions in season 7 … “

MORGAN’S BABY … BUT NO GRACE YET. After losing their newborn baby, the couple saw Rachel’s baby come into their lives. “A gift from Athena“, according to Morgan who sees this”in a very positive way. “ But thanks “sees it very differently, just imagining what it would be like to raise a child in this irradiated world. Not to mention the fact that Grace is still very deeply in mourning after Athena’s death. It was much more violent for her. They are not on the same page together … “

STRAND FREEWHEEL. He went crazy, for good. Now Victor has no limit. After still surviving the Season 6 finale, he will attack Season 7 of Fear without restraint : “All the things that I’ve done, the morally gray things that I was so ashamed of just a few minutes ago, I’m no longer ashamed of them. Not anymore. Because those decisions made me a survivor. ” That’s what Strand’s state of mind is at the end, according to the showrunners, who say we’ll see now “a very confident and confident Strand, sporting a very different tone to the one he’s used this season. It will be a real reinvention. “ What if he was the big bad in season 7?

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