Feuille-Man: the joke of Pierre Niney, McFLy and Carlito soon to be real?

The Leaf-Man of Pierre Niney, McFly and Carlito soon real?
McFly (@levraimcfly on Instagram)

The trio writes a real movie about their superhero born from a phone prank.

The film that we didn’t expect and that fans are already asking for: Leaf-Manby Pierre Niney, McFly and Carlito.

The trio, who had met on the occasion of a Youtube video on the channel of the McFly and Carlito stooges (entitled We call random people with Pierre Niney and promise we haven’t smoked anything before) had, for a hoax, to invent the synopsis of a French-style superhero film whose hero would bear the nickname of Feuille-Man. A Niney-esque delirium that fans of the Youtuber duo had adored, until they hoped that the film was really written. A dream that could soon come true: it seems that the writing is already underway.

The three friends would therefore be in the middle of writing the film, with the complicity of Florent Bernardco-creator of The flame with Jonathan Cohen but also behind Pitch and Blockedtwo short formats broadcast on Canal+ in 2019 and 2015.

As a reminder, if Niney has recently distinguished himself in dark roles, such as in Black Box or Goliathwhich will hit the big screen on March 9, audiences discovered him in comedy roles: LOL, Casting(s)Five or The flame appear on his CV. It remains to be seen whether Feuille-Man will really come to life, and whether Pierre Niney will put on the costume. A score that will remind fans of Cast(s) (series that the actor directs) his first role as a superhero, in the guise of Goldman:

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