Fifty Shades of Gray: less ass but less stupid than the book [critique]

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Fifty Shades of Gray: less ass but less stupid than the book

Here’s what we thought of the adaptation of EL James’ bestseller.

This Sunday, Anastasia Steele and Christian Gray “love and whip each other” from 9:05 p.m. on TF1, since the channel will broadcast immediately Fifty Shades of grey, released in 2015, then its sequel, Fifty Shades Darker. In 2015, First had not really been won over by the first part. Here is our review.

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Less sex

11 minutes of sex : The Sun timed and, out of 125 minutes of film, we have 11 minutes of “naughty” scenes in Fifty Shades of grey. It is also necessary to wait more than 40 minutes to get to the heart of the subject, but this expectation is faithful to the book since we wait 155 pages before Anastasia is deflowered.

Essentially, the cinema version of the bestseller ofEL James is faithful: Sam Taylor-Johnson Scrupulously transcribes the novel, and we always wonder what an atypical figure of contemporary art comes to do in this story. The limit of this fidelity: the novel counts about 40% of sex, long scenes fully described, relatively exciting and which all end in orgasms to blow the brains out, where “the world collapses, destroyed by [sa] enjoyment ”. The film has three (no episode of the tampon which is going very well, but not the experience with geisha balls for example) and they are about as soft as the average of the films. Sunday evening in prime time. The first time they sleep together, it looks like any suggested sex scene, you see a piece of breast, buttocks from the back, hips with the hips; the camera turns away perhaps barely a little earlier than usual. The initiation into the “red chamber of pain” is managed by a cut-out of shots on pieces of skin, tied wrists, feet that curl up… It’s not soft porn, it’s soft, period. The severe restrictions decided by some censorship committees abroad are linked to the fact that we are talking about a sadomaso relationship, two spankings and a room full of (under-exploited) accessories. The hero’s penchant for SM practices is here just another way of turning the male character into a being incapable of engaging in a love story – one of the stakes of romantic comedy, for all eternity.

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But less stupidity

And deep down, that’s what’s left of Fifty Shades of grey when you strip it of your sexuality. Without its slightly chic pornography, the novel is nothing more than a Harlequin bluette, excruciatingly badly written and frankly low on the forehead. The story of a girl who dreams of Prince Charming and finds herself at the mercy of a dominant male (but fragile, damaged, of course) who will obviously break her heart. But strangely, where the film is better than the book is that with the detailed descriptions of the fuck scenes, the commentary also left: we are no longer in the head of the frightened young virgin who has hair problems and constantly emphasizes the obviousness of what is happening to him. And that’s a relief – especially since there are people in her head, where her conscience and her “inner goddess” clash in a merciless struggle. In pocket, the novel has 650 pages that describe and comment on (and wonder about) EVERYTHING that happens during the few weeks that the story lasts. The film has the good taste to avoid these painful heaviness and to spare us the voice-over for example, which would have been more faithful to the style of EL James – which would have been, above all, unbearable. No more “oh my god”, “wow there”, “well say so”, no more “glance of embers” and “stay cool, Steele”. Less laborious exchanges of text messages and third level emails, with endless reminders (which sometimes spread over ten pages) of “Miss Steele” and “Mister Gray”. On arrival, we find ourselves in front of a banal romance with almost no eroticism: the tension never rises since we always take action. And we quickly evacuate the act to find the security of the sequences for all audiences. One would almost come to regret the contained sexual tension of Twilight, bluette in which the heroes put four pounds to materialize.

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