Filming for Tyler Rake 2 for Netflix is ​​complete

It is the director Sam Hargrave who announces it on the networks.

With over 231 million hours of viewing, Extractionreleased in France under the title Tyler Rake in April 2020, is the fourth most viewed film in Netflix history (after Red Notice, Don’t Look Up and bird box). And of course, the streaming platform ordered the sequel. Chris Hemsworth will be back in Tyler Rake 2 shortly.

Director Sam Hargrave announced on Instagram that the filming of this second opus was finished. After more than four months of production in Prague, Extraction 2 is in the box. The sequel was originally supposed to be filmed in Australia, but due to the pandemic, Netflix decided to move its production to the Czech Republic.

We still don’t know what this sequel will be about or which new characters will join Chris Hemsworth in the cast, the only confirmed actor to date. Joe Russo wrote the screenplay and produced with his brother Anthony (Avengers: Endgame). The film is due out towards the end of the year on Netflix.

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