Filming in sight for the future Green Lantern series?

Green Lantern
marvel comics

We learn that the casting of the secondary actors is in progress.

Since it was officially commissioned two years ago, the series Green Lantern from HBO MAX remains surprisingly understated. But we have some news today, thanks to a backstage reportwhich evokes the future cast.

After recruiting the actor from War HorseJeremy Irvine, to play Alan Scott, and actor AHS Finn Wittrock to play Guy Gardner, we learn that DC production is busy finding new faces. Calls for casting have just been launched.

Why ? Because filming is coming to an end: they should start towards the end of this year in Los Angeles, even if HBO Max tells Screen Rant that no production date has yet been set.

Series Green Lantern will be co-written and produced by Marc Guggenheim of ArrowVerse…who had already co-written the film Green Lantern’s 2011, which will not please DC fans. He will be helped by Seth Grahame-Smitha screenwriter of lego batman, the film. He will be showrunner of Green Lantern.

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