Find out who will play Musclor in the flesh on Netflix!

Kyle Allen, 27, crossed in West Side Story, will ride the famous tiger Cringer?

After the cartoon Masters of the UniverseNetflix persists and signs with Muscular, since a film will soon be released on the streaming platform. But this time it will be a live action version. So who will have the Ancestral Skull Power for real?

He is the young Kyle Allen27 years old, met in West Side Story last year at the cinema and in American Horror Storywho landed the role of He-Man Netflix ad. He will therefore be the headliner of this big action film also called Masters of the Universe. He replaces the star of the teen movie saga To all the boys Noah Centineo who left the project last year.

The Nee brothers (The Lost City) will co-direct and filming is set to begin this summer.

In Masters of the Universean orphan named Adam discovers that he is a prince destined to be the savior of a distant land and must quickly learn his power and the importance of saving his true homeland from an evil force.“, reads the official synopsis.

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