Find out who will replace Arnold Schwarzenegger in the True Lies series

An actor from Shameless will reprise the role of the annoying and kind father … who is in fact a spy.

Have you ever killed someone?“It will be at Steve howey to answer this question, now, in the new version of True Lies currently in development. The actor of Shameless will put on the shirts that are too tight‘Arnold Schwarzenegger and will be the headliner of what is still only a pilot for the American channel CBS.

In this version of True LiesHarry will be a seemingly boring computer salesman and a devoted family man … who is, in fact, a spy. The actress who will play Harry’s suburban wife (Jamie Lee Curtis in the film), who will be recruited to work alongside him as they attempt to rekindle the flame of their marriage, has yet to be chosen.

Remember that James Cameron will be the producer of this series, just like McG (supernatural) and Matt Nix (Burn Notice), who wrote the driver.

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