Firestarter, by Stephen King: The fiery remake with Zac Efron [bande-annonce]

In 1984, Drew Barrymore already embodied this little girl endowed with the power of pyrokinesis.

Universal just released the trailer for Firestarterthe new adaptation of charlieby Steven King, 38 years later the one worn by Drew Barrymore. This time it’s Ryan Kiera Armstrong (already in It chapter 2) which embodies the young heroine capable of starting flames under the direction of Keith Thomas (acclaimed for another horror film, The Vigil). Her parents played by Sydney Lemmon and Zac Efron try to protect her, because this power of pyrokinesis interests a mysterious federal agency who will not hesitate to kidnap her to use it.

This Blumhouse production will be released on June 1 in France. Note that his music is composed by John Carpenter, who co-produces the new saga in parallel Halloween, by David Gordon Green, with the studio of Jason Blum. This one also affirms that the author of the novel appreciated this new adaptation: “I showed him the film and he is very happy with the result.explained Blum to Entertainment Weekly last year. He was very generous in his response and in his suggestions. It was a pleasure.”

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