First day France: All on stage 2 far ahead of Matrix Resurrections

The animated film has twice as many admissions as the new Matrix.

At Première, we preferred Matrix Resurrections at Spider-Man: No Way Home. But in terms of the box office, there is no photo! Lana Wachowski’s film got off to a good start, with 92,000 admissions recorded on the day of its release (140,000 including previews), where the latest Marvel had the best launch of the year with more than 470,000 tickets sold.

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Obviously, even though the new Matrix is ​​a blockbuster, it doesn’t play in the same course as No Way Home, and the comparison has its limits. But, by measuring Resurrections in light of the first day of Dune, another big budget sci-fi movie more aimed at mature audiences, it doesn’t get much better. Denis Villeneuve’s film attracted 181,000 viewers in cinemas (including AVP), for an average of 280 viewers per print. Matrix only displays 130 entries per copy.

The big winner of the week is therefore All in Scene 2, by Garth Jennings. The sequel to the animated film made a brilliant start, with 176,000 admissions, and even 463,000 including the AVP. Which makes it the 3rd best start of the year, just behind Fast & Fuirous 9. Very far behind this leading duo, we find Madeleine Collins, with Virgine Efira, who recorded 8,000 admissions (10,000 with the AVP).

First day France: All on stage 2 far ahead of Matrix Resurrections
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