First image of La Comtesse Rouge in season 3 of The Boys

Crimson Countess in season 3 of The boys

Played by the old Walking Dead, Laurie Holden.

And here is a new Supe for The Boys ! Prime Video uploaded a first image of Crimson Countess, played by former Andrea de The Walking Dead, Laurie Holden. A recurring character straight out of comics and known as La Comtesse Rouge in the French version.

So who is she? This superhero Vought was in the running to join The Seven in place of Starlight. We therefore imagine him to be revengeful. Parody of Marvel’s Scarlet Witch, the Red Countess has some interesting superpowers: thermal vision, the ability to manipulate fire and heat …

The Red Countess in season 3 of The Boys

A fiery villain in perspective, who will be one of the new faces in season 3 of The Boys, whose supernatural Jensen Ackles who will play an important role, that of the very first superhero: Soldier Boy.

Recall that season 3 of The Boys will be released in 2022 on Prime Video.

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