First image of Laurent Lafitte as Bernard Tapie for Netflix

First image of Laurent Lafitte in Bernard Tapie

Created by Olivier Demangel and Tristan Séguéla, the Wonderman series will tell the origins of the businessman who became a minister, and who started out as a singer…

Update of April 21, 2021 : Announced last year exclusively by Firstseries wonder man reveals itself: Netflix has just share on Twitter the first picture of Laurent Lafitte in the skin of Bernard Tapie, who died last October. We share it below, followed by all the info on the series:

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Our exclusive article of June 18, 2021: While Lupine a hit all over the world with its second part, Netflix is ​​preparing an exciting new original French creation, this time devoted to the life of young Bernard Tapie! For Firstthe streaming platform exclusively reveals that it will be titled wonder man and see the star of Small Handkerchiefs, Laurent Lafitteput yourself in the shoes of this extraordinary personality.

The official synopsis reveals that “From singer to businessman, from minister to prisoner, Bernard Tapie has known it all. Through his successes as well as his failures, wonder man retraces the romantic destiny of an extraordinary public figure.”

Tristan Seguela (Doctor?) and Olivier Demangel (Atlantic, Black Baron) are at the origin of the project, with the producer Bruno Nahon (Mytho, So Be They, Louise Wimmer). The 6 episodes of 45 minutes will be directed by Tristan Seguelafrom March 2022 until next summer.

An amazing project, which was born almost a decade ago, on the set of 16 or soa film directed by Tristan Seguelawith Laurent Lafitte : “The series was born in the dressing room of this film that I was shooting with Laurent. We both said to each other that he looked incredibly like Bernard Tapie. We thought about it at about the same time“, remembers the director for Premiere. “I told him at that time that I wanted to work on a fiction project devoted to the myth, Bernard Tapie. And it turns out that he, too, was something he dreamed of doing! So we hit each other. We kept in mind this desire to work together again. Meanwhile, with Olivier Demangel and Bruno Nahon, we worked on another project and that’s where we actually talked about making a series around Bernard Tapie. It was 9 years ago…

Olivier Demangel specifies in the process that behind this project, “there is also a fascination with the character, the incredibly romantic side of his whole trajectory. A character that could have come straight out of a novel by Alexandre Dumas, at the same time singer, politician, industrialist, father of a family. From his proletarian origins as the son of a worker to the Champions League final! Even if we don’t have the ambition to do journalistic work on his journey, this trajectory is this oversized side of the character that makes him a good fictional hero.”

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wonder man will cover some twenty years of Bernard Tapie’s life, from his beginnings in professional life in the 1960s.”We will talk in the series about the recording of his disc. We will tell his adventure in song, how he gave himself the means of his ambitions. He was then a little guy from the northern suburbs, very ambitious and therefore very endearing. He had a lot of weapons for him, an incredible banter, an extraordinary ability to commit to ten projects at the same time… And we will take him to the beginning of the 1990s.”

With a certain amount of fiction, wonder man will not be intended to be a pure and hard adaptation of the life of Bernard Tapie. The series will not hesitate to take some distance: “Our goal is not to make an indictment for or against Tapie. Nor to put in images his Wikipedia file. We try to work the man. So inevitably, we will be more in fiction than in documentary. We try to put ourselves in his shoes, his emotions, but also by telling the stages he went through. wonder man will be a biopic about the man, freer than a biopic about the facts, with a very strong element of subjectivity. This is our look at its trajectory.”

Moreover, Bernard Tapie is not at all involved in the project. Even if he was kept informed by the two screenwriters: “As soon as the idea came up, I informed him because I thought it was good to do it. But we did not seek his approval or his opinion. He was therefore not involved in writing or in the scripts. I wanted us to maintain absolute independence. His involvement would be incompatible with the part of fiction that we want to put in the series. But he did not seek to prevent either. He took notice and that’s it.”

While waiting for the shooting, next year, Olivier Demangel and Tristan Seguela finish writing the scripts, “until the end of the year”in close connection with Laurent Lafittewho “has been with us since the beginning. He’s a real partner. He’s a stakeholder in the construction of the series”. And having in a corner of the head, that it would be possible to consider wonder man over several seasons: “Given the life of the main character, we think it could continue. Now we have made the series self-sufficient. Both are possible…”

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