First info on Cowboy Bebop season 2 on Netflix

Cowboy Bebop

Who is this “Butterfly Man”?

Despite mixed reviews, Netflix is ​​set to deliver another adventure for Spike Spiegel. Cowboy Bebop is not yet officially renewed by the streamer, but the live action version has already planted some promising seeds for season 2, in its finale. Attention spoilers!

The biggest twist is of course Julia’s turnaround! After shooting Vicious, she shot Spike, furious that he hadn’t tried to find her in all these years, leaving her in the hands of her psychopathic husband. Julia will thus take control of the Syndicate and Elena Satine entrusts to Polygon to be “delighted“to see his character gain power in this way.

The showrunner of Cowboy Bebop, André Nemec, explains for his part: “Spike must face his own dilemma of making a bad choice, which will now cost him dearly. Julia has earned the right to use this weapon and she believes in herself enough to pull the trigger now. “

Vicious is still alive at the end of season 1, but now a prisoner of his wife: “Potentially, we see Vicious more broken than he is in the anime, “ comments Alex Hassell, who confirms that the Netflix series will “move further away from the original story” regarding his character.

Cowboy Bebop: The Netflix Vs. Anime Series

As for Spike, he ends up with his head in the gutter, literally. Abandoned by Julia, but also by Jet, this season 1 ends badly for him: “It’s extremely sad for me“, analyzes John Cho. “I’m really disappointed for Spike, and that scene we shot when Jet walks away… it was devastating to shoot in the moment.”

Fortunately, a more fun note closes this finale with the appearance of the nutty Ed, aka the hacker. She wakes Spike to make him go on a mission again in the footsteps of the “Butterfly Man” before he does “bad scary things “. Who is this “Butterfly Man”?

This villain from the anime is called Volaju and he is the antagonist of Cowboy Bebop: The Movie (released in 2001), during a side story set between episodes 22 and 23. He was a guinea pig for wartime experimentation, abused to be modeled as a super-soldier. He is called “Butterfly Man” because Volaju’s brain was drugged with nanomachines, which entered as lights that resemble butterflies, “the most beautiful butterflies imaginable“. Whenever people get an injection of his blood, they can also see these butterflies …

The arrival of Ed, true fourth troublemaker of the band, will be a major twist in season 2 of Cowboy Bebop, as the character holds an essential place in the anime. Showrunner André Nemec already has plans in mind: “At first, with the writers, we wondered what our favorite episode was and why. But we couldn’t put everything in season 1. So there are moments, characters, scenes, worlds that I’m dying to explore in season 2. We keep our fingers crossed … “

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