First Kill on Netflix: what we know about season 2

First Kill on Netflix

Do Juliette and Calliope have a future?

A new teen vampire series has just appeared on Netflix. First Kill was launched last Friday, adaptation of the novels by VE Schwab. Juliet and Calliope’s romance should get fans of the genre excited. Enough to get a season 2?

“More seasons! We want more seasons, that’s for sure!” pray Sarah Catherine Hook and Imani Lewis in an interview with Screen Rant.

The two star actresses of the fantasy drama do not yet know if the series will be renewed. But in case First Kill would have a sequel, “I would like Juliette to feel even better. I would like a meaner side to come out of her”, teases his interpreter before tempering: “After all, I’m only dreaming here…”

Iman Lewis, for her part, insists that Juliet and Calliope “ont grown as people, apart from their destinies, in this season 1. We see them in high school, but I want to see what they will become after graduation or what they will look like when they will be at university. Or when they find themselves in active life, navigating the world as if they were ordinary people… while having the duty to face their lineage… Today, we see them maneuvering like two teenage girls in high school, but from a family of monster hunters and a family of vampires. And afterwards, I would like to see Calliope at the university!”

First Kill, season 1, is available on Netflix since Friday. Season 2 is not yet ordered.

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