First photos of Nicolas Cage as Dracula

Nicholas Cage

And Nicholas Hoult covered in blood for Renfield, Chris McKay’s horror comedy.

In December, we learned that Nicolas Cage was going to play Dracula in Renfielda Universal production directed by Chris McKay (The Tomorrow War, Lego Batman) and scheduled for the end of 2022 at the cinema. The star of About-face will cross that of Mad Max: Fury RoadNicholas Hoult, 32, having been chosen to interpret the servant who gives its title to this horror comedy written by Ryan Ridley (rick and morty), based on an original idea by Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead). Filming kicked off in New Orleans and People sharing the first photos (stolen) on set this week.

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At 58, Nicolas Cage appears there as a dandy vampire, with an exaggeratedly pale complexion, slicked back black hair, long and damaged nails… All in a blood red suit. A Dracula “so cliché” who will visibly attack Renfield, Nicolas Hoult appearing in another photo with hemoglobin stains on his face and on his clothes.

They therefore embody the key characters of the novel Dracula by Bram Stocker, published in 1897, but with a twist: it will be a comedy. Horrifying, certainly, but created to make the spectators laugh above all. “I want to interpret it in a unique way, which differs from all the versions I’ve seen”explained Cage to variety when announcing the project. It is true that Dracula has been embodied many times in the cinema, in particular by Bela Lugosi, Franck Langella or Christopher Lee in the Universal classics, by Gary Oldman in the adaptation by Francis Ford Coppola, in 1992 or even more recently by Luke Evans (Dracula Untold2014). “I’m really going to focus on his movements, then continued the actor. I saw Malignant, recently, and I thought what she was doing with her body was great. As in Ring with Sadako… I want to explore that, her particular way of moving, as well as her voice. What makes this project super fun is that it will be a comedy. When done right, this mix of humor and horror can be great, as in The Werewolf of London. It must be stunning. That’s what I’m looking for anyway: to bring something new to this character, and also to find the perfect balance between comedy and horror.” Remember that this is not the first time that Nicolas Cage will play this type of character: he was already a bloodsucker in kiss me vampirein 1988.

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