First sessions of October 6: Dying can wait starts 2nd in the top 2021

However, 13 episodes of James Bond have done better! (Source: Le Film Français)

Several times postponed due to the Covid-19 epidemic, To die can wait is finally released in France and was expected by the public as much as by film professionals, who hope to see it boost the box office. With 3,932 admissions recorded in 32 Parisian theaters this morning, James Bond’s latest opus does the job, far ahead of the 453 tickets sold by Tralala, of the Larrieu brothers, in 15 cinemas, or of the curious 303 moved in front of 11 screens to discover my legionary. 3,932 entries for 5,287 countermarks exchanged over all of the first sessions, that’s a lot: it even represents the second best start of 2021 behind the 4,465 spectators of Dune aired in one more room.

However, within the 007 franchise, it is “only” from the 14th start, 007 Specter having broken all records on November 11, 2015 (a public holiday, therefore) thanks to 22,510 tickets sold. All the opus worn by Daniel Craig have done better: Quantum of Solace was seen by 7,553 Parisians on the morning of its release in 2008, Sky Fall, 7,142 in 2012 and Casino Royale, 5147 in 2006. It must be said that James Bond has always been a hit in France, by accumulating between 1.9 million entries (the smallest scores come to For Her majesty and Killing is not playing, released in 1969 and 1987) and nearly 7 million spectators attracted to Spectrum. Where will be located To die can wait in this top 007? Answer in a few weeks …

First Parisian screenings of Wednesday October 6, 2021:

First sessions of October 6: Dying can wait starts 2nd in the top 2021
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