First sessions of September 15: Dune records the best start of the year

With 4465 admissions, Denis Villeneuve’s sci-fi film beats Fast & Furious 9 and its 3,022 tickets. (Source: Le Film Français)

Dune got off to a strong start at the French box office. Offered in 33 Parisian cinemas, the Warner Bros blockbuster, directed by Denis Villeneuve and worn by Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya, was seen by 4465 curious this morning, the best start of the year. So far it is Fast & Furious 9 which led the first screenings of 2021 thanks to 3,022 tickets sold in 17 theaters of the capital on the morning of July 14 (he finally amassed 1.9 million). let’s remember that Kaamelott, the biggest success of the year thanks to a total of 2.5 million admissions, did not record any exceptional first screenings, the film being released exactly on the day of the implementation of the health pass at the cinema. Finally, it is also the best start of the filmmaker, who had attracted 3,030 people thanks to Blade Runner 2049 in October 2017 before ending at 1.2 million admissions. This good start, accompanied by excellent reviews, is encouraging, knowing that Villeneuve wants to film the second part of Dune quickly.

The following films are quite far behind. The origin of the world and The Loves of Anaïs complete the top 3 with 950 and 451 curious moved to 24 and 16 cinemas, and Ahed’s Knee and Blue bayou, which were acclaimed at the Cannes Film Festival last July, follow with 219 and 149 countermarks sold respectively for 8 and 7 copies.

Here is the ranking of the first Parisian sessions of Wednesday, September 15, 2021 in Paris:

First sessions of September 15: Dune records the best start of the year
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Dune, L’Origine du monde, Le Genou d’Ahed: what’s new at the cinema this week

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