First sinister teaser for the new Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin

The 7th installment of the franchise will land on the Paramount + platform next month in the USA.

Six years later, supernatural disturbances resume. The saga Paranormal Activity will be relaunched via the Paramount + platform, with a brand new film subtitled Next of Kin, developed by the Blumhouse house. A first teaser posted on the networks reveals a very different framework from the previous films, since the story will apparently take place in a “cult” type environment, a kind of sect where a young woman is welcomed into a community, whose limbs could potentially be involved in some sort of supernatural ritual.

Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin was directed by William Eubank from a screenplay by Christopher Landon, who was the main screenwriter of the saga. In the cast, we will see Emily Bader, Roland Buck III, Dan Lippert and Henry Ayers-Brown. This will be the seventh installment of the franchise. This Paranormal Activity 7 will be online from Friday October 29th.

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