First surrealist trailer for Zaï Zaï Zaï Zaï, with Jean-Paul Rouve

The adaptation of the brilliant book by Fabrice Carot, alias Fabcaro.

After The speech, adaptation by Laurent Tirard, worn by Benjamin Laveherne and released this summer at the cinema, a new work by Fabrice Carot will land in dark rooms. This time it’s his comic Zai Zai Zai Zai which is carried by the screen.

François Desagnat, brother of actor and humorist Vincent Desagnat, who worked for a long time with Michaël Youn’s band (we owe him La Beuze and The Eleven Commandments) himself adapts this completely crazy story for the cinema, with a sense of surrealism that we find in this first trailer:

The synopsis: “Fabrice, a comedy actor, realizes that he does not have his loyalty card while he is shopping. Despite the threat of a security guard, he manages to escape. Then begins a merciless run, for the one who quickly becomes public enemy number 1. While the media seize the case and the country is in turmoil, the fugitive, torn between remorse and existential questions, finds a unexpected drop-off point, somewhere in Lozère. “

Jean-Paul Rouve will put himself in Fabrice’s shoes and will cross paths with Julie Depardieu, Ramzy Bedia, Julie Gayet and Yolande Moreau. Zaï Zaï Zaï Zaï will be released on February 23 at theaters.

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