First symbolic excerpt from Men, the new film by Alex Garland

A man (Rory Kinnear) scares Jessie Buckley, just before all the fruit on an apple tree falls to the ground.

“With MenAlex Garland signs a brilliant horrifying and feminist fable”we write in our reviewpleasantly surprised by this original work by the director ofEx_Machina. “With him, it is often about a place to explore. A territory to decipher, which will ultimately allow you to solve an intimate enigma.“In this case a small house in the countryside, in which a young woman in mourning (Jessie Buckley) settles. Quickly, she realizes that all the men around have the same face, that of Rory Kinnear. is the meaning of this nightmare?To find out more, go to theaters from July 8.

After its intriguing trailer, here is the first enigmatic excerpt from Men, which plays with the tree of knowledge symbol. Except that here, it’s not Eve who crunches the apple, but all the fruit that tumbles down just after a frightening appearance by a man in the young woman’s garden.

Jessie Buckley and Rory Kinnear (Men): “Alex Garland is a real punk”

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