First trailer and a date for Outer Banks season 2

Outer Banks season 2

The Pogues will be back on Netflix this summer.

“We’re back to the treasure hunt baby!” John B and Sarah are back! After unveiling some photos, Netflix released the first trailer for season 2 ofOuter Banks, and in passing the release date: it will be put online on July 30th.

In this short video, we see especially that the Pogues remained behind, JJ, Kiara and Pope, think that their comrades died during the storm of the finale of season 1. They pay homage to their friends John B and Sarah … without suspect that the little couple survived and were picked up by an oil tanker en route to the Bahamas. Good thing, that’s where Ward hid the gold. And with $ 400 million at stake, the race promises to be thrilling.

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