First trailer and date for Arcane, Netflix’s League of Legends series

Arcane Netflix

Produced by Riot Games Entertainment, with the help of French studio Fortiche, Arcane will be released on the platform in November.

Taking advantage of the TuDum event organized by Netflix for its subscribers this Saturday, Riot Games has lifted the veil on the highly anticipated animated series Arcane, derived from the successful online multiplayer video game League of Legends. We discover the trailer (above), which in passing gives the broadcast dates of the first episodes: it will be on November 7 at 3 a.m. on Netflix, just a few hours after the final of the 2021 World Cup. League of Legends (the most watched esport competition in the world).

Arcane: Netflix presents the characters of its series inspired by League of Legends

Series Arcane will consist of 9 episodes and will be revealed in 3 acts: the first three episodes at launch, then three others a week later on November 13 and the last three on November 20.

While telling the origins of champions of League of Legends, Arcane is positioned as an animated series in its own right in a complex universe, borrowing moral dilemmas and a story full of suspense, sublimated by a breathtaking animation produced by the French studio Fortiche.

The series depicts the precarious balance between the wealthy city of Piltover and the slums of the Zaun district, two places known in the world of Runeterra as “lands of progress” and home to the brightest minds. A balance threatened by the creation of Hextech, a technology that allows anyone to control magical energy. It is in this tense atmosphere that two sisters with a complex past – Jinx and Vi – will see their respective values ​​and beliefs deeply questioned, in a way as unexpected as it is crucial for the destiny of the world of Runeterra and its two citadels. . In Arcane, viewers will get to know already familiar faces of players, including Jinx, Vi, Jayce, and Caitlyn, and learn about the events that led them to become the iconic Runeterra World Champions we know today. ‘hui. New characters will also appear, such as Vander or Silco, two citizens of Zaun who play a decisive role in shaping this changing world.

When we started producingArcane, we were deeply convinced that the story of Jinx and Vi was very particular, even unique”, Says Christian Linke, Co-creator ofArcane. “We wanted to doArcane a reflection of the deep moral questions that each of us faces one day: what are we ready for our family? Are we ready to question our values ​​for the happiness of our loved ones and face the internal conflicts that result from it? The story, combined with the art direction inspired by hand painting and fine character animation that we created in partnership with Fortiche, will provide all viewers with a rich insight into the universe of League of Legends. ”

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