First trailer for Disney+’s Pinocchio movie, starring Tom Hanks

A new original in live action by Robert Zemeckis.

The character of Pinocchio created in 1881 by the Italian Carlo Collodi has already had plenty of film adaptations. We can cite that of Roberto Benigni in 2002, that of Matteo Garrone in 2019 or even that of Guillermo del Toro, which will arrive this year on Netflix.

But the most famous remains the Disney cartoon, released in 1940. In the vein of Lion King, Mulan and other Aladdin, the Disney + platform shot a remake in live action. And it’s downright Robert Zemeckis who was entrusted with the staging.

He finds his friend Forrest Gump, Tom Hanks to embody Geppetto, the old sculptor who created the puppet and considers him his own son. The very young Benjamin Evan Ainsworth (seen on the platform in Flora and Ulysses) will be Pinocchio while Cynthia Erivo (The Outsider) will be the Blue Fairy, who has the power to grant wishes… We discover the first trailer:

In the casting, we will also find Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Jiminy Cricket, Luke Evans as a bad coachman, Keegan-Michael Key in Grand Rascal and Lorraine Bracco in Sophie the Seagull.

Released September 8 on Disney+.

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