Five breathtaking films to see on Amazon Prime Video in France in June 2021

If you want to raise the pulse, here are some ideas of films to draw from the French catalog of the streaming platform.

WITHOUT A NOISE, by John Krasinski (2018) – from June 20

While waiting for the release of the second opus, in a few days at the cinema, it is time to (re) immerse yourself in this survivor movie with millimeter staging, agonizing to the tips of your nails, where the slightest sound can lead to your death. … An essential genre film.

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SICARIO, by Denis Villeneuve (2015) – since June 1

A breathtaking thriller masterfully written by Taylor Sheridan that follows the hunt for cartel killers on the Arizona-Mexico border. Faced with the violence of the murderers of drug traffickers in Latin America, what can the FBI do? An operation where the tension never falls, marked by scenes of anthology.

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IT FOLLOWS, by David Robert Mitchell (2014) – since May 25

A young student finds herself haunted by strange visions and the inexorable feeling of being followed by a presence. He must now flee this terrifying threat which seems to catch up with her … A horrific metaphor that is both limpid and stringy, puritanical and libertarian, where sex is experienced, alternately and sometimes at the same time, like a curse and a deliverance.

LAST TRAIN FOR BUSAN, by Yeon Sang-ho (2016) – from June 17

A story of bloodthirsty zombies, but filmed in the suffocating camera of a moving train. As an unknown virus spreads in South Korea, a state of emergency is declared and the passengers of each car are now desperate to survive until Busan … A genre film of insane power and hyper-inventive in its management of space.

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CUBE, by Vincenzo Natali (1998) – since 2020

A broke film that has really aged well. A handful of people wake up trapped in a giant cube made up of multiple traps. Where’s the exit? A nightmare at the Saw, before Saw, less gory, but much more stressful, thanks to the claustro effect of the impossible to complete labyrinth …

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