Five holiday movies to watch in June 2021 on Netflix France

As summer approaches, here are some good ideas to get away from it all before the hour, in the French catalog of the streaming giant.

MONSIEUR HULOT’S HOLIDAYS, by Jacques Tati (1952)

In the wake of the paid holidays instituted by the Popular Front, Tati signs a eulogy for the gland which skilfully mocks the French on vacation, with its burlesque hero who upsets the routine of summer visitors in search of tranquility. An almost silent comedy, part of the heritage of French cinema and which will inspire the greatest.

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CALL ME BY YOUR NAME, by Luca Guadagnino (2017)

A summer’s time … In the early 1980s, while on vacation with his family in Italy, in the countryside of Cremona, a 17-year-old Italian-American teenager had a burning passion with an older American student. An intoxicating initiatory story, with tasty languor, carried by a surprising Timothée Chalamet and honored by the Oscar for Best Screenplay.

WITHOUT SARAH NOTHING GOES, by Nicholas Stoller (2008)

Dropped by his girlfriend who suddenly became a TV star in a crime show, Peter wants to drown his sorrows in a rejuvenating vacation in Hawaii. Bad idea: her ex is there, with her new lover: an English rock superstar … How I Met your Mother, Jason Segel is inspired by his own breakup with actress Linda Cardellini (whom he was in a relationship with at the time of Freaks and Geeks) to write this solar-powered romantic comedy, surprisingly refreshing and carried by a fun-loving cast, from Kristen Bell to Mila Kunis, including the unlikely Russell Brand, who will play Aldous Snow later in the spin-off American Trip (2010).

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OUR SUMMER, by Massimiliano Camaiti (2021)

Two young teenagers fall in love during a summer sailing course in Sicily. But one of them is seriously ill and quickly, they will have to spend their holidays accepting the idea that they must take advantage of the time that remains to them. An Italian Netflix original in the vein of Our opposite stars, which deals with gentleness and skill with a painful subject. A nice dose of emotion.

LIVE THE HOLIDAYS, by John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein (2015)

The last part of the American saga National Lampoon’s Vacation, started in the 1980s (with Hello holidays by Harold Ramis) is an endearing and fun family road trip, now centered on Rusty Griswold, who takes the example of his father Clark (Chevy Chase, in the first opus). In the hope of reconnecting the weakened bonds, he takes his small troop on the road in the direction of an amusement park. Pure entertainment with a solid rhythm, worn by the couple Ed Helms / Christina Applegate.

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