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Cold buffet
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Bertrand Blier’s cult film is in the spotlight tonight on C8.

A dream scenario

Bertrand Blier often explains that Cold buffet was one of the simplest and fastest screenplays he could write. Only two weeks were needed to give birth to this surreal story… born of a dream he had then regularly where he was chased by the police. The same dream as that of Gérard Depardieu in the film. We can speak of maximum efficiency since Cold buffet won the César for screenplay against The Funny, I… like Icarus and Black sequence.

A film financed thanks to its Oscar

In the career of Bertrand Blier, Cold buffet succeeds Prepare your tissues, crowned with the Oscar for best foreign film in 1977. This trophy obviously earned him his share of proposals – all declined – on the other side of the Atlantic, including one from Francis Ford Coppola himself! But above all it will allow him to find the financing of this Cold buffetwatched from above by many producers on the mode: “You have talent, don’t waste it on this”. Without this statuette, this project would perhaps have remained a dead letter.

The Sarde brothers in the credits

Alain Sarde will produce Cold buffetfive years after starting out in this business with its assets already The tenant by Polansky, Baroque from Téchiné or A simple story of Sautet. The beginning of a long-term adventure with Blier, whom he will accompany on five other occasions to Stepfather, My Friend’s Wife, Our history, My man and Players. And on the soundtrack, we find his older brother Philippe, author that same year 79 of the music of Tess and Loulou and who will only work once again with Blier for Stepfather.

The ultimate father-son collaboration

Cold buffet is definitely a family affair. Since Bertrand Blier is directing there for the second and last time in his career after Quiet his father Bernhard. The one to whom he will dedicate his César won in 1990 by too beautiful for youa year after his death

A misunderstood film that became cult

Difficult to finance Cold buffet did not know a much simpler delivery in theaters where many spectators asked… to be reimbursed, once the end word appeared on the screen. And after the cardboard Prepare your tissues (1.3 million admissions), it had to make do with 777,000 spectators. Before acquiring over time the status of cult film that we know today.

Cold Buffet told by Bertrand Blier

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