Flag Day: moving trailer for new Sean Penn

The actor and director signs his return, five after the failure of The Last Face.

In selection at the Cannes Film Festival, and in a few days in Deauville, the release of Flag Day approach. The new feature film by Sean Penn will arrive on September 29 in French theaters, and Le Pacte has just unsheathed the trailer for this melodrama adapted from an autobiographical novel where the director puts himself on stage alongside his daughter, Dylan Penn, also with Josh Brolin and Eddie Marsan in the cast.

The synopsis of Flag Day : John Vogel was an extraordinary character. As a child, his daughter Jennifer marveled at his magnetism and his ability to make life a great adventure. He taught her a lot about love and joy, but she will discover her secret life as a bank robber and forger. Based on a true story, FLAG DAY is the portrayal of a young woman struggling to heal wounds from her past, while rebuilding her father-daughter relationship.

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