Flesh Tendre gives Series Mania goosebumps (review)

tender flesh

A teen drama like no other, which tackles a unique and little-known subject, that of intersex, with refreshing candor and sincerity.

The quest for identity is undoubtedly a common point in all teenage series. Corn Tender Flesh – presented in preview at Séries Mania yesterday, as part of the French competition – tackles this timeless theme under a new prism, that of intersex. Because Sasha was born with a body that was neither quite a girl nor quite a boy. An intersex body, which doctors have constantly wanted to “repair” since birth, to make it absolutely a little guy. Upon learning the truth, Sasha turns his life upside down and decides he now wants to be a girl…

Without violin or pathos, Tender Flesh plunges headlong into the world of the thankless age and describes with disconcerting naturalism the discovery of one’s identity as a teenager. How to accept ourselves as we are? How we would like to be? As others see us? Moving without overdoing it, instructive without being didactic, the Slash series recounts with astonishing candor Sasha’s struggles, her support system, and her desire to find a way. His way. All points of view are skilfully shown here, avoiding the pitfall of dramatic overdose. The difficulty of the parents to manage the situation, with regard to the friends or girlfriends of the high school, Tender Flesh explains, conveys a strong message, but is not judgmental.

Starting with the young actress Angèle Metzger, strikingly sincere, well helped by the duo she forms on screen with Saül Benchetrit, a solar and priceless little sister, who offers the viewer a sparkling gateway into the adventure. enigmatic of the quest of his 16 years…

Chair Tendre will soon be broadcast on France TV Slash.

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