Florence Pugh: “Greta Gerwig is the big sister that everyone would like to have”

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After its great success in theaters and on VOD, Les Filles du Docteur March is broadcast on Canal +. Meeting with the magnificent interpreter of Jo, the most plague of these sisters

How did you relate to Louisa May Alcott’s book, The Four Daughters of Doctor March, before shooting Greta Gerwig’s film?
Florence Pugh:
A very strong relationship thanks to my grandmother. As a child, she regularly read chapters to me, choosing those that would hook the child that I was

So it’s easy to imagine your joy when you learned that Greta Gerwig was going to entrust you with the role of the youngest of the March sisters, Amy.

And all the more so since during my very first meeting with Greta two years ago, I literally shouted my desire to work with her! (laughs) Greta, she’s the big sister everyone would like to have. And from the first reading of his screenplay, I was really impressed by his writing, by the veracity of these characters who were family from the first pages. She immediately empathizes with each of these heroines and the fast pace of her writing is reminiscent of a musical. She managed a modern rewrite of this novel, but without betraying what it is. However, I didn’t think I had my place in this impressive cast. I knew the competition was tough (Greta Gerwig saw more than 100 actresses for this role – Editor’s note) and in addition I did not see how this film was going to fit into my schedule, when I had to shoot Midsommar. But when I was asked to send two video essays to two different ages of Amy, I obviously did. And I was lucky that Greta Gerwig liked it.

And so you were finally able to move on Midsommar and Daughters of Doctor March

That’s the word ! The day after the end of Midsommar in Sweden, I was in Boston on the plateau of Daughters of Doctor March therefore without having had the chance to participate in the two weeks of rehearsals which brought together the entire cast. However, I was able to catch up thanks to the adrenaline that reigned supreme every day on the set. Greta has a very clear idea of ​​what she wants, so there’s no way to get lost. It immediately puts you back on the right track. You had to be on top of things. Slack is forbidden, coffee compulsory!

How do you see your character, the most capricious and proud of these March sisters?

She is a spoiled child and I love spoiled children and plagues in books and movies. These characters that we don’t like at first glance… because they are not spontaneously friendly! So, admittedly, Amy is jealous of her sister Jo. But I first see in this jealousy an ambition. And I wanted to give a voice to his ambition which is in fact exactly the same as Jo’s. The desire for a life far from the shackles. What they will ultimately achieve both but with two different trips

Why was it important to you to bring this work written in 1868 to the screen today?

Because it is a very strong book that resonates in every era and of which each generation can therefore seize and make a banner of it. For me, this novel will never die because women will always need this story where while everyone certifies them that they will not manage to achieve their dreams, they manage to do it. It is a timeless symbol. For me, Greta’s version is nothing of a historical reconstruction. The exchanges between these sisters are ultimately similar to those they might have today. Only, finally, the vocabulary is of time.

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