Florian Zeller has finished filming The Son with Hugh Jackman, Laura Dern and … Anthony Hopkins

The Oscar-winning actor for The Father returns in this sequel from the same director.

The Father was one of the big successes of the beginning of the year. Its director Florian Zeller, who received the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay (shared with Christopher Hampton) based on his own hit play, quickly announced he was planning to follow up, by bringing another of his pieces to the screen, The Son. In the continuity of The Father, this family drama was filmed between France, the United States and England, and its creator has just announced on Instagram that his shooting was over. Surprise, he adds that it will be worn by Anthony Hopkins, who played the main character of The Father, an aging father suffering from dementia, a role that won him the Oscar for Best Actor.

“At the end of an intense and fascinating journey, the filming of The Son is finished, writes Zeller. It was an extraordinary joy to work with the wonderful Hugh Jackman, Laura Dern, Vanessa Kirby, Zen McGrath … and Anthony Hopkins. “ He then thanked his producers and added that he was eager to start editing his film, which should be released next year in theaters.

About his reunion with Anthony Hopkins, it is in a press release relayed by the Hollywood Reporter that he details that the 83-year-old comedian will play a character that did not exist in the original play: “After the adventure that represented The Father, I couldn’t make a movie without Anthony. He was the first to read the script for The Son, since one of the characters was written especially for him. Having him by our side to tell this new story was an honor, a deep joy and a lot of emotion. “

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Hugh Jackman also shared some behind-the-scenes photos of the creation of The Son, with the director and Laura Dern. He finished his scenes three days ago, and he thanks Florian Zeller for his “ability to be so clear in its direction of actors, which allows us to feel free to create”. He then greets his female partners (“working with you was a real pleasure”), then concludes: “From London to Marseille via the streets of New York … Until next time!”

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